Forging the future of the sport

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Get in Shape

Training BJJ is a great way to get in shape and build strength and athleticism


Learn to manage and control any physical confrontations

Develop self confidence

Training, improving your skills and overcoming challenges will build confidence and motivation

Opportunity to compete

Our program has created multiple Irish and European champions

Develop mental strength

You will learn how to stay calm under pressure and manage stress

Make friends

The class environment is friendly and open. New students are always welcome!


The Teenager’s Program at East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy is perfect for teens that wants to start training in BJJ, learn self defense and try out a new sport.

Our class caters for boys and girls aged from 11-16. Students can train for fun or with the intention of competing while learning an extremely effective martial art that will develop confidence, improve athletic abilities and blow off steam from schoolwork or exam study.

Jiu Jitsu is challenging and rewarding. If you join us at ECJJA you will gain increased focus and determination as well as having a lot of fun. The eventual goal of anybody in the Teenagers class is to progress into the Adult program and continue on the path to earning their black belt.