Brazilian jiu jitsu - the perfect activity for your child!

NOTE: All applicants for the Kids Age 5-7 Class must first complete a one to one assessment with head kids coach, Marcus Phelan

Assessments for this class can be booked at:


East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy’s Kids BJJ program offers you and your child everything that you could want from a childrens martial arts program.

Our kids BJJ classes are split into two  age groups (kids 5+ and 8+), both offering a fun and friendly environment where your child/teen will increase their self-esteem, confidence and discipline as well as developing their coordination, balance and fitness.


Did you know that Martial Arts is 10 times better than team sports in developing a childs self-esteem and confidence? And a confident kid is unstoppable!

Help Your Child Become Bully-Proof!

Many children face the problem of being bullied, however Brazilian jiu jitsu equips the child to protect himself. Brazilian jiu jitsu aims at defeating stronger and larger opponents using grappling and ground-fighting techniques to control the opponent and apply choke-holds and joint locks to make the opponent give in. This will develop the child’s confidence and increase his self-worth.

In both age groups, students will be introduced to techniques that will be beneficial in both sport bjj and self defense, as well as thought the values of living a martial arts way of life. We aim to give your child the skills to not only defend themselves and perform in competition, but to teach them the values of humility, respect and courteousness.

Our program is the only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kids program in south county Dublin. It is also one of the longest running programs in Ireland, running for over 7 years now!


• All children receive one trial class absolutely free – enter your details (and/or questions) below or contact [email protected] to get started!

Marcus Phelan

Kids coach

Feel free to contact coach Marcus here! Also available on mobile 0833150967

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