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NOTE: All applicants for the Kids Age 5-7 Class must first complete a one to one assessment with head kids coach, Marcus Phelan

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Get in Shape

BJJ is a great way to get in shape while learning a valuable skill

Learn Self-Defence

BJJ is designed to give a weaker but skilled opponent the advantage in a fight

Learn to manage stress

You will learn the value of staying calm in intense (but safe) situations

World-class coaches

Our coaches are dedicated and tested in the most prestigious competitions

Fun for the whole family

We offer kids, teens and adult classes for beginners

Enroll anytime

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About the head coach 

Our Head instructor Darragh O Conaill is both Irelands youngest and most decorated Black Belt. Training in Jiu Jitsu for close to 10 years, Darragh has travelled the world (America, Brasil, Austrailia, Europe) for both competition, training and teaching experience. As a competitor Darragh has amassed over 200 matches and more titles than any Irishman, medalling at the Worlds biggest events (European / Pan American Championships).

While as a teacher he has trained at multiple world class academies around the world, gaining valuable insight into the best coaching methods available. Thanks to that he is able to provide arguably the best highest of BJJ in Dublin. Darragh believes Jiu Jitsu can benefit everyones life, whether it’s for fitness, self-defence, confidence or self-improvement, he aims to inspire people to practice the art for the rest of their lives.

“I was lucky enough to choose East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy to train in when I started BJJ, It has become a driving force in my life, giving me the initiative to achieve and improve. The sport itself is addictive but the atmosphere in the gym and the training partners are what make us a team. Darragh constantly looks to improve himself and his team, always teaching new techniques and keeping a strong focus on self improvement for every individual!”
Sam McNally

European Jiu Jitsu Champion

“When I was looking to take up Jiu-Jitsu I wanted it all, great facilities, great teammates and most of all an instructor that genuinely cared about the development of his students. Thankfully I found all of that in Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu and haven’t looked back since!”
David Phelan

Recruitment Consultant

“Darragh’s style of teaching, with its emphasis on drilling and approaching BJJ in a systematic manner, ensures that your knowledge of BJJ increases after every session. Darragh and the other instructors give personal attention to each one of their students no matter the student’s level or experience. ”
Robert Timmons


“For a person who has never played a sport before, I really feel that with ECJJA I’ve found the right activity and place to do it in. BJJ is a perfect balance as it stimulates you physically and mentally, but also simultaneously provides a social outlet. At ECJJA I’ve always felt that both my coaches and teammates want to see me succeed and thus are constantly helping and pushing me.”
RĂ­oghnach O' Leary


Rafael Lovato Jr.

Hear what the 3x World Champion
had to say about ECJJA and his
experience with training BJJ in Dublin.

Do I need to be fit to start martial arts?
This couldn’t be further from the truth! Classes at East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy are designed to be suitable for all ages, skill levels and fitness levels. Training martial arts at our academy will get you in great shape. Sign up now and receive your 30 Day Free Trial and enjoy the massive benefits in all aspects of fitness from training martial arts with us!
Is ECJJA just for “fighters” or “competitors” ?
While we may have one of the strongest competition teams in Ireland, 80% of our members are here for other reasons than to compete. The majority are with us to get fit, gain confidence, have fun and learn genuine self defense techniques!
Does what you teach really work?
Our results speak for themselves. In the space of only two years our system has produced multiple Irish, British and European Champions. Our team is the 2012 Northern Irish and Irish Cup Champions, as well as homing Irelands youngest ever European Champion and Irelands first ever Brown Belt European Medalist and British Open Absolute Champion!
I have no experience in training martial arts or i am too old.
This is not really a question, but a common “excuse”.
Our academy has students from ages 8 to 60! No experience is required to begin! Our classes cater for students of all levels from beginner, to intermediate and advanced! Our classes are structured so that from day one you will be working with others of your own level and with instructors to give you personal attention.
Is jiu jitsu ok for women?
Not only is it ok, it is GREAT. It combines effective self-defense and fitness like no other activity. Jiu jitsu itself gives the smaller, weaker opponent a chance to use technique in order to defeat his opponent. Our ladies are more than capable of handling themselves against men in the classes. We also have a dedicated ladies only class on Thursdays. For more on this listen to our brown belt Deirdre here.

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